Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tink Candleholder

My third attempt at etching. I used my Tinkerbell and Friends cartridge and cut Tinkerbell in blackout, and etched, it's not perfect, but it is my favorite...for now.

New Years Candle Holder

Simple-ish to make, this was my second attempt at etching, I used the Storybook cartridge to cut a scalloped oval and the numbers 2010 and etched onto a square dish. Put a small votive holder in the center of the square dish and added glass marbles, a white candle and my New Year's guests have a gift to take home.

New Year, new craft

So...I've decided that etching with my Cricut is something I should try. So try I did. I decided to use contact paper (instead of vinyl, cause I'm cheap). My first attempt....I cussed, I cursed, I finally etched, but it was HORRIBLE!!! The etching itself was ok, but the image was very crooked, I had a very hard time getting the words I'd welded together in Design Studio straight. The second attempt was much better, a much simpler design, nothing welded, and my third attemp is when I decided I LOVE ETCHING!!!!!!