Friday, February 12, 2010

noticed an oopsie

I'm still working on perfecting the coloring pages I've been working on. I opened one to check one thing, and found something else.
On the snowy day page the DesignStudio put back the hat I hid (because it didn't fit) on the snowman, easy fix, just click on it until the hat turns red, right click and hit hide contour (you'll have to do that each time you open the cut file, it's a glitch in the program). Or easier fix, I've made a new cut file for the page changing that 1 little piece so it works right. And will be uploading it just a minute.
Please bear with me, it's a learning process. :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Glossy Valentine


I started this card thinking it was going to be only black and white, with the only color coming from the bling in the center of the flowers...then I decided it needed just a tiny touch more. The card itself is an A2 (5.5 x 4.25") made from a matte black cardstock the background layer is a pearl white (glossy) embossed with d'vine swirls cuttlebug folder. The heart and flowers are cuts from Cricut's Sweetheart cartridge welded together in DesignStudio. The largest heart was cut from a metallic fushia, the medium heart was cut from a glossy black and then embossed with the d'vine folder. The white layer is the pearl white again. the middle flower was cut seperately so I could use 3D dots to pop it out.
This card can definately be done without DS and just pieced together, I, however, really love DS so I can manipulate the sizes and see what it will look like before I cut.

The cut file for the heart can be downloaded HERE