Coloring Pages

Here's where I'll be posting coloring pages I've made with my Cricut. The titles of the pages are links to the cut file download.   If you notice any problems with the files, please let me know so I can try to fix the file (already found a couple of oopsies all by myself).

UPDATE!!!!2/12/2010 5:00PM (Texas) I've had some requests for coloring pages that are 8.5x11 instead of 12x12. I've found that designing them at 12x12 is easier for me, BUT....I've added another "page" on the cut file which will crop the 12x12 down to 8.5x11. I did have to make a few changes to the original design of some of the pages in order for the crop to look good.
The new cut files have been uploaded, so if you want the updated version, redownload.

Rainy Day

Snowy Day - fixed 2-12-10 10:40PM (Texas)


Jump Rope



  1. Hi Tara , I love your coloring pages. I've been trying to create my own with no success. I was hoping you could help me please with instructions on how you do it. I am quite familiar with DS. But can't figure this out with welding, hide contour etc. I have just started a blog, you could contact me I hope to hear from you , thankyou Tracey