Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Peachy Challenge 08 :: Anything Goes

I'm a slacker and haven't found much time for crafting.  I need to find a way to make more hours in a day.  My project was super annoying to make, not difficult, just tedious, and resulted in numerous hot glue burns... but well worth it.  It's a candle holder made from a half of a styrofoam just screams "SPRING", doesn't it?

I Used:
Cricut; Create a Critter, Flower Shoppe
Quilling tool 
Hot glue gun
glue runner
PKS Winter Wonderland Assortment
White & red gel pens
Red chalk
Floral wire
Styrofoam ball cut in half

The process:
Push a candle into the center of the styrofoam ball cut in half.  Cut a million (or so it seems) of the spirals from the Flower Shoppe cartridge, use the quilling tool to turn them into pretty flowers securing with hot glue (run burns under cold water).  Secure the flowers to the ball using more hot glue (treat more burns).  Cut the bee and all it's parts (hiding the face on the Gypsy) and assemble attaching it to the floral wire, stamp the face, color the eyes and mouth, chalk the cheeks, and push the wire into the "flower garden".  Treat the burns again, and pour
 a glass (or 2) of wine to celebrate.